Basic Nutrition

Kevin Turner – Turner Strength & Performance Photo by Nathan Cowley on Nutrition is the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. Optimal nutrition is critical for achieving fat loss, developing lean muscle mass, attaining physical fitness and increasing sports performance, along with minimizing the risks of health issues … Continue reading Basic Nutrition

The 7 Laws of Training

Kevin S. Turner – Turner Strength & Performance This is also referred to as the “Seven Granddaddy Laws” by Dr. Fred Hatfield. Dr. Fred Hatfield, Aka Dr. Squat, who in 1987 at the Budweiser World Record Breakers Invitational Powerlifting Championships, used these principles to help guide him to perform his famous 1,014-pound squat at the … Continue reading The 7 Laws of Training

Myths of Strength Training Part 2

Photo by Leon Martinez on Kevin Turner-Turner Strength & Performance When starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the misinformation readily available at your fingertips. Marketing campaigns designed to create revenue instead of results seem to be the norm. Gimmicks and new contraptions hit the market everyday … Continue reading Myths of Strength Training Part 2

8 Reasons to Start Strength Training Today!

Kevin Turner – Turner Strength & Performance When many people hear the term strength training, they have images of extremely muscular and very low-fat bodybuilders or big hulking guys with handle bar mustaches lifting massive amounts of weight. While these people are strong, they represent different sports within the spectrum of strength training. I would … Continue reading 8 Reasons to Start Strength Training Today!

The Benefits of In-Season Strength Training for Athletes

Kevin Turner- Turner Strength & Performance Many athletes have a strength and conditioning program they follow during the off-season and into the pre-season, as they should, for reasons I will address momentarily. Many athletes and coaches can agree that having an off season and pre-season strength and conditioning program yields positive results that carry over … Continue reading The Benefits of In-Season Strength Training for Athletes

Strength Training and Kids

  Kevin Turner-Turner Strength & Performance Benefits of Strength Training A solid training program, in a well supervised environment with a qualified trainer, has been shown to improve confidence, self-esteem, muscle strength, sports performance, heart health, bone mineral density, increases in lean body mass and metabolic rate and creating a healthy habit of fitness that … Continue reading Strength Training and Kids

ACL Injuries in Female Athletes

Kevin Turner- Turner Strength & Performance With more opportunities for female athletes and trends toward year-round sports participation, the tendency to specialize in one sport earlier on has put female athletes at 6 times the risk of suffering a non-contact anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury than boys ( Non-contact ACL injuries are more common in … Continue reading ACL Injuries in Female Athletes